Unique Beach In Spanyol !

There are so many natural phenomena found on earth, let’s call it a beach with pink sand, a gradation of water that can change with changes in weather, and much more. Miracles like this are indeed difficult to explain scientifically. But recently there is one more phenomenon that invites admiration for many people, namely beaches in Spain that have beach sand in the form of popcorn, yes POPCORN! Curious?

When viewed from a distance, this Popcorn Beach looks ordinary. Nothing special, only the beach with blue water with beautiful white sand. There is nothing special right?

But when you approach the beach, you will be surprised. Because the white sand on the coastline is shaped like a lump of popcorn, not to mention the white color which makes it similar to the original popcorn.

This Popcorn Beach is located in Corralejo, a city in Fuerteventura, Spain. The stretch of beach with unique sand is called Pantai Popcorn. Actually the pieces of popcorn on this beach are white coral flakes that have been mixed with volcanic rocks and beach sand to form unique popcorn.

Actually the Popcorn beach has long been in Spain, it’s just that because it’s rarely exposed by the media, not many know this beach. The name Beach Popcorn shot after a number of people posted their photos who were visiting the beach of Popcorn and posing with the popcorn sand.

Of course, with this unique sand, it will make your holiday even more exciting, guaranteed that your mind will come back fresh!