Beautifull Island In Thailand – Trang Island

Unlike other famous islands such as Phi Phi and Phuket, Trang Island is not very well known to tourists. This place is still very natural because there aren’t many people who come and know. Even so, the beauty that is here can be juxtaposed with the beauty of the famous islands in Thailand.

The beauty of this island is like magic that can hypnotize anyone who comes to visit. The beauty of crystal clear water and the stunning scenery is indeed an attraction of this place. When on vacation to this place, you must visit the following places.

The first destination is Koh Libong. This island is the largest island in Trang. When you come to Koh Libong, you will be welcomed by 6,000 residents and a very friendly small fishing community. Not only that, the island is also a rubber plantation that is large enough so that you can see the rubber forest that is so beautiful. For the accommodation itself is quite friendly with pockets, only about 8 USD for the holiday season, this means that if you come on a typical day, the price of lodging offered will also be cheaper.

The next destination is Koh Mook. Here you will find high cliffs that can only be visited when the sea water is receding. When the water recedes, later you will find a beautiful cave. According to the story of the surrounding community, this cave was used by pirates in ancient times to hide treasure and robbery. There is one luxury resort on Koh Mook, namely Sivalai Beach Resort. To stay at this luxury hotel you need to spend 146 USD per night.

Continue the trip to Koh Kradan. This place is a popular place to become the most beautiful destination in Thailand. On Koh Kradan, there are many inns and resorts that you can choose from. You can match it with the budget you have. Beautiful white sand and clear beach water are the main attractions of this place. Don’t forget to snorkel when visiting Koh Kradan.