Dare To Come To Isla De Las Munecas, Mexico ?

If you are happy with outdoor tourism that is fun and challenging adrenaline, you need to come to an island in Mexico, the name of the island is Isla De Las Munecas. This island is an island that contains thousands of horrible dolls! Guaranteed you will creep in fear when you come to this island.

This island is part of the Aztec city. The tense atmosphere of trees and thick grass further adds to the horror of the island. Not to mention the horrifying puppet gazes scattered throughout the island able to make the fur stand up. This island is also very famous haunted. The fun of the doll that has begun to rot due to age and looks dirty adds to the island’s spooky atmosphere.

According to the legend of the surrounding community, this island is a damned island. There used to be a guard on guard on this island, he was named Don Julian Santana Barrera. The island guard found the bodies of small children floating on the banks of the river. Next to the body of the little girl who died, there was a floating doll. In memory of the girl who died on the river, Don Julian spreads dolls throughout the island.

What made it even more scary was, in 2001, Don Julian was also found dead right in the same place as the corpse of the girl who was found first. This makes many people wonder why these two people could die in the same place. If you visit this island, you can still see all the dolls that were once hung and spread on this island. Terrible!