Biggest Underwater Park In The World !

To enjoy a vacation in the summer, people will usually visit pleasant places such as beaches, hiking, or diving. But how does it feel to dive into a large and magnificent Boeing 747?

Yup, sounds crazy right? In Bahrain, there is one of the largest underwater playgrounds in the world where in the water park area is deliberately drowned by a Boeing 747, it sounds cool and fun and certainly unique isn’t it?

The location of this playground is located between the Qatar Peninsula and the East Coast of Saudi Arabia with an area of ​​25 hectares. This underwater playground was created for those who are happy with diving activities. Although it sounds strange, but this playground remains environmentally friendly even believed to be a place to live for many marine animals.

The construction of this playground shows the seriousness of the Bahraini government to develop their tourism sector. According to the manager, the sinking Boeing 747 aircraft will become an icon of the diving site.

In addition to being able to dive into the aircraft, visitors can also see various types of imitation houses of typical Bharain pearl sellers, not only that, they can also see a variety of beautiful sculptures and sculptures and very fascinating artificial coral reefs.

The Bahraini government hopes that this diving site can develop and become a place for underwater biology and ecological research. Cool, bro!