Silverlake: Tourist Attractions in Pattaya for Fatigue Relievers

For those of you who are on vacation in Thailand and plan to come to the Pattaya area, you should visit one of the places there, called Silverlake. Silverlake itself is one place in the Pattaya area, here you can see the beauty of the very famous wineries in Thailand. Besides that you can also visit the Laser Buddha.

This plantation is located in the Eastern region of Thailand and is the only vineyard in Eastern Thailand. This plantation has an area of ​​480 hectares. Silverlake Vineyard is a very good wine producer in Thailand.

Silverlake Vineyard was founded by Mr. Surachai Tangjaitrong and his wife named Ms. Supansa Nuengpirom. His wife is one of the most famous artists in Thailand. According to the story of the local community, this plantation was made after they visited several wineries in the world. The plantation finally inspired them so they decided to establish this plantation.

When you get to this place you will be greeted by very fresh air. The design and arrangement of the garden on this plantation is also very cool. You can also go to an artificial park on the edge of the lake. Enjoying the beauty of this plantation with family or friends is also very suitable, especially accompanied by delicious Thai food and drinks.

This place is built with very beautiful Italian-style architecture. You will feel like you are in Italy while on vacation in this place, interested?