Harry Potter Highlights – Hogwartz Themed Restaurant in Singapore

Harry Potter Highlights - Hogwartz Themed Restaurant in Singapore

Maybe the Harry Potter series of novels and films are over, but the miracle that is in the sequel to Harry Potter still impresses the audience and the readers. It’s not easy to forget the memories of the magical world of Hogwartz that has been embedded in our hearts and minds.

For those of you who want to remember the story in the sequel to Harry Potter, you can come to Singapore. Because in Singapore there are restaurants that apply the Harry Potter theme. Here you can revive your memories of the exciting and exciting world of magic while enjoying food that is also themed Harry Potter. Curious?

The restaurant is named Harry Potter Highlights. Do you still remember the meal at the Great Hall in the Hoghwartz magic school? At the meal there are various types of delicious and interesting food. For those of you who are curious about the food, you can order it at this restaurant! Besides this restaurant also provides Express Trolley where in the film, this trolley brings cakes at Hogwartz to be delivered to students, you can also taste them here! Awesome isn’t it?

Not only food is available at this restaurant, you can also order a typical world drink from Hogwartz here. Do you still remember not the dishes prepared by Ron Weasley’s mother? For example, roast turkey, roast beef, etc., you can taste it here too.

After enjoying Hogwartz’s special food and drinks, visitors can also play interesting and exciting games, of course with attractive prizes if you succeed in winning the game. Interesting right ? So just come here and feel the magic sensation of Hogwartz directly.