First Piglet Cafe In The World Can Be Found In Japan !

In Japan, there are many unique cafes and eating places that are always crowded with tourists, not only because the taste of the food is very good, but also the theme presented is fairly unique, say Alice On Wednesday or Biohazard Cafe in Japan. Well, for those of you who are happy with these unique things, in Japan the world’s first small pig cafe has been opened!

The Tokyo Micro Pig Cafe named Mipig Cafe is very unique, because visitors can play with adorable little pigs, these little pigs are only 1 week old, imagine how cute it is when playing with this pig? Seeing them wagging their tails while stroking their delicate feathers while hugging them, is it fun isn’t it?

Mipig Cafe is located in Meguro, Tokyo. When entering this cafe, visitors will get a briefing from the staff on duty, of course this is done so that visitors are not mistaken in treating every piglet here.

After the briefing, guests will be invited to the second floor where they can enjoy food while playing with the very adorable little pigs. On the second floor, Mipig Cafe has a dressing shoe to wear, the manager really wants to keep the cafe clean so that food and drinks remain hygienic.

The piglet at Mipig Cafe comes from Yamanashi Prefecture, the first Teacup Pig Farm farm in Japan. Interestingly, visitors can not only play with these adorable pigs, they can also buy them and bring them home!

Lately, pigs have become exotic pets favored even by world-class artists, such as Ariana Grande and Paris Hilton. The little pigs here are also trained, very tame and smart. The sale of this piglet at the same time to promote to the public about the cafe. Interested in coming and playing with these little pigs?