Unique Cafe With a Fennec Fox In Bangkok

Unique Cafe With a Fennec Fox In Bangkok

Where else can you find cafes with lots of animals inside such as adorable little dogs, fennec foxes, to exotic animals such as red panda and racoon. In Bangkok, there is a cafe that provides all of the above, the name is Little Zoo Cafe which is located in Siam Square.

When you come to this cafe, you will be welcomed by various adorable animals. Not only can you see from a distance, visitors are also allowed to play with these animals! Exciting isn’t it?

Although this cafe focuses on adorable animals, the taste of food at Little Zoo Cafe cannot be underestimated. The quality of food and drinks sold is very guarded, including cleanliness. The owner of this cafe even said that every food sold was very guarded and very hygienic.

To play with adorable animals in this cafe, visitors will not be charged a fee, you only need to order food or drinks, after that you can freely play with these adorable animals, of course with a predetermined time limit.

But it should be noted, after playing with animals that are here, visitors must clean their hands with cleaning fluid and dry wet hands using a cloth that has been provided.

On the lower floors of this cafe, you can see some common animals such as guinea pigs, parakeets and hamsters. How, interesting enough isn’t it?