The beauty of the Garden by the Bay Singapore

Garden by the Bay is a very popular tourist destination in Singapore. Many tourists are interested in visiting this garden. The beauty of the garden in the city which is equipped with hundreds of rare plant species is indeed a special attraction for tourists.

This garden is a popular tourist attraction because of its beauty. Besides being beautiful, the cost of getting into the garden is also very cheap. Visitors only need to pay around 4 SGD or around 40,000 rupiah to enjoy all the beauty in this garden.

Upon entering the garden, visitors can take shelter in a conservatory building themed Cloud Forest and Flower Dome. Inside this building you can take shelter while looking at the unique enchanting tropical plants.

Cloud Forest itself is a garden that has the shape of a giant clam. In the Cloud Forest, visitors can enjoy the beauty of an artificial waterfall that really spoils the eyes.

Unfortunately to enter the Cloud Forest and Flower Dome, visitors are required to pay 20 SGD or around 200,000. But the beauty that you will get while in this building is very worth the price already paid.

In addition to seeing the beauty of beautiful and colorful tropical plants, visitors can also pass the OCBC Skyway bridge. This bridge has a height of up to 128 meters. Above this height, visitors can enjoy the beautiful panoramic view of the garden. This bridge is also a photo spot that is very popular with tourists.