Cafe Bora – Purple Cafe in South Korea

Cafe Bora - Purple Cafe in South Korea

Visiting South Korea is incomplete if you don’t taste the unique type of culinary that is there. For those of you who are looking for unique cuisine, there are various cafes available that you can visit. Starting from a cafe with a unique theme to a cafe with a cool and contemporary style. One place to visit is Cafe Bora.

Cafe Bora itself is located in Samcheong-dong, between Insadong and Buckhon Hanok Village. This place is quite unique, because all aspects in this place are purple! Ranging from food to architecture and furniture, it’s funny isn’t it?

If at another cafe we ​​usually see menus through a menu or tablet, then it is different from at Cafe Bora. Here visitors can see all the menus through the wall. Visitors can see a variety of interesting menus posted on the cafe walls, unique isn’t it?

Not only purple food, seating, even purple decoration. Intrigued by the menu here? Just look at the menu list below.

The most famous menus here are Bora Ice Cream, Bora Snowflakes and also Bora Bingsu. Apart from the super delicious taste, the shape is really Instagramable! Of course posting food photos here to Instagram can make your Instagram more colorful!

No need to fear the purple color, purple is obtained from purple sweet potatoes, so there is no artificial coloring in the food served at Cafe Bora. Bora in Korean means purple, it’s all right the menus are purple, unique, guys!