Reason Why You Need To Visit Chiang Mai

Reason Why You Need To Visit Chiang Mai

Well, it cannot be denied that Bangkok is the most popular destination for tourists when visiting Bangkok. Sometimes Bangkok’s popularity is one reason why people don’t want to try to come to other areas in Thailand. Even though there is one more place that is no less cool than Bangkok, the name of the area is Chiang Mai. Then why do you have to come here?

First is the wealth of history and old buildings here. When compared, the extent of Chiang Mai is indeed smaller than Bangkok, but in this place there are many former Lan Na kingdom buildings that existed in the 13th century and also 18. This place is a very suitable place to be visited by those of you who are happy with stories and historical heritage.

The second reason is close to Chiang Rai. Besides being able to enjoy tourist destinations in Chiang Mai, you can also stop by Chiang Rai at the same time. For additional information, in Chiang Rai itself there is the largest elephant conservation center in Thailand.

Besides that, you can also visit Sa Elephant Camp in Mae Rim District. In this place you can see 75 Thai elephants, from baby elephants to old elephants. Elephants here are also trained so that they can provide their own entertainment for visitors.

For culinary matters, maybe Chiang Mai can be said to be the king. Here you can find hundreds of types of street food at very cheap prices. In addition there are many sellers who sell Thai souvenirs such as key chains to various interesting snacks.