Universal Studio Singapore: The Jurrasic World !

Universal Studio Singapore: The Jurrasic World !

The holiday moment is very exciting, especially if it is added with a vacation activity with your beloved family. The moment of vacation is very dear if wasted by relaxing at home. Well, to fill your vacation time, you can try to come to Singapore and stop by Universal Studios there. There is one new interesting vehicle that you can try when visiting Universal Studio Singapore.

The name of their newest vehicle is Jurassic World: Explore & Roar! If you visit this vehicle, you will be brought back to the stone age where Dinousaurus is still there! This ride is only available until next August, so for those of you lovers of the Jurassic Park sequel, this place is a place that you must visit.

Here you will not only feel the sensation of the stone age, you will also face dangerous dinousaurus, of course by using Augment Reality (AR). You will find several types of dinousaurus when walking, even you can also train Velociraptor ala in Jurassic World movies! Exclamation!

If you are curious about the history of these predators, you can see live action with the theme Jurassic World: Roar! Prepare yourself mentally because you will feel an exciting sensation and meet ferocious predators like T-rex, Pteranodon, Velociraptor to the chaos that occurs on the streets of Hollywood, guaranteed you will feel satisfied with the sensations that are here.

Hurry and come and feel the sensation of being in an exciting and exciting era, if you come with your friends, there are interesting promos that you can get. For more details, you can check directly into the Universal Studios Singapore official website.