Best Destination In Switzerland

Best Destination In Switzerland

Switzerland as we know is one of the country that located in the West Europe that have an unique things that different from any other country that we can find in Europe. When we are talking about this Country, most of us will directly things about the Alpen mountain that already know as one of the greatest mountain that we have on this earth.

But that not the only things that we can found when we visit Switzerland, there is a lot of spectacular nature that we can find in this country. And that makes this Country is listed as one of the must visited country on the Europe. Beside we can find a beautiful nature in here, in Switzerland we also we can find a lot of building with the Castle design that will make us speechless by just seeing them.

So in this articel we will recommend for you some place you must visit when you visit this country. Check it out guys.

Jenewa Lake

The first place you must go when you come to visit this country is Jenewa Lake. This is one of the most beautiful lake that we can find in the world and also the biggest lake we can find in Europe.

The Chillon Castle

this Castle was build in the middle of 12 century and get a renovation on 13 century. this renovation is done by Pietro 11. before this place open to public for visit, this Castle was build as a fort. You can find this Castle in the city of Montreux.

Schilthorn and Piz Gloria

For us the one that love to see James Bond Movie will recognize this place. Schilthorn and Piz Gloria is one of the location that James bond movie that place. From this place you can see the beauty of Alpen mountain. So you do not need to climb the mountain and can enjoy the view from here.


The last place you must visit when you visit this country is Interlaken. Interlaken can be found in Bern, Swiss. In here the tourist can do so many outdoor activities such as skydiving, parasailing, and other any activites. Also in this place will held an event that only can be seen once in 12 years which is JungFrau Marathon and Unspunnenfest Festival. It will be a best experience for us if we can visit this country on the time this event held.