Red Sea In Egypt Which Is Really Beautifull

When people tell us about Mesir , the first thing that cross our mind will be about their Pyramid, Sphinx and also their old time Mosque. But That not the only thing Mesir will give to you when you decided to travel to one of the country in the continent of Africa.

For you information beside off all the things we speak before, Mesir also have a very beautiful Ocean that will suprise the traveler.

Yes in their Red Ocean we can find the second biggest coral reefs that we can find in this world. and in here we also can find more than a thousand invertebrate spesies and more than two hundred  hard and soft coral.

As we know Red ocean are located between The continent of Asia and Africa and cross some countries on that two continent with Mesir as of them. But do not think that Red ocean is the ocean where the water is red and have a lot wave, Red ocean surprisingly are looks very blue and calm.

the nearest city with the Red ocean can be find in their capital city Kairo is Ain El Sokhna, 150 km far away.

But if you want to find the best city to visit that are also populer about the beautiul of their city and become one of the place all the tourist will visit when they come to Mesir, traveler need to go to the Sharm El Sheikh city. But this city is located far from Kairo, we need to drive almost 600 km to be there from Kairo.

Traveler that love to Snorkeling can choose Hurghada as the city they will visit, because in Hurghada beach traveler can find a lot of rental boat that will bring you to the ocean.

So do not always think that Mesir only have Pyramid on their city.