Have You Ever Heard About Fraser Island In Australia ?

What would you think about for the first time if you heard the name Australia? Kangaroo ? Sydney Opera? Beautiful beaches with stunning coral reefs? Have you ever thought about Fraser Island? Don’t be surprised, Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world and it’s located on the southern edge of Queensland, excited bout it?

On Fraser Island there is a beach called 75 Mile, why is it called that? Because the length does reach 75 miles or about 120 km, it’s cool! The best way to explore is to use a 4WD car. Here is also a naturally formed jacuzzi called Champagne Pools.

On this island, the sand is not only white, there are various colors of sand that you can meet. If you want to see sand that has many colors, you can come to The Pinnacle. Here you can see sand cliffs with a variety of colors that are very charming.

There is one beautiful little river here, the name is Sungai Creek. The water in this river is very clean and can be drunk directly. Besides the river, on Fraser Island there are also various beautiful lakes such as Lake McKenzie, Wabby Lake and Ray Lightyear lake.

Want to experience adventure in the forest? How come! Forest preservation on Fraser Island is taken very seriously. But if you want a route that is not confusing, you can go directly to Central Station, get ready to be fascinated by the beautiful natural beauty!

But if you want to do more in-depth exploration, just try to take the Fraser Island Great Walk, you will travel around 90 km and you can complete the journey in 8 days.

Actually there are still so many activities that you can do here such as flying around the island using small airplanes and seeing the conservation of endangered Dingoes animals. Well, for those of you who want to find out more details about this island, there are already many sites that offer trips to this unique island, happy holiday!