Enjoy the Beauty of the Pulau Seribu, Exciting and Fun !

Pulau Seribu is a destination that is very popular with the people of Jakarta. This place offers a different and enjoyable holiday experience. Unfortunately many people don’t get a special impression when visiting here, even though this place is very interesting to explore. Here are some recommendations for activities that you can do when visiting Pulau Seribu.

The main thing you have to try is to do snorkeling while exploring the beauty of the underwater Pulau Seribu. It is only natural to see a vacation in the tropics. It is unfortunate if you visit this place but do not do snorkeling. The most suitable places to do this activity are Semak Daun Island, Gosong Perak Island, Kayu Angin Genteng Island and East Patondan Island.

For tourists who like fishing, you can also channel your hobbies when visiting the Pulau Seribu. You can target what fish you want to fish, from mackerel, grouper, trevally to skipjack tuna. Exciting isn’t it! To be able to enjoy an exciting fishing experience, the most recommended time is around March to September.

You also have to play with sharks, yeah sharks! Not all sharks are dangerous. Do not believe ? Just try to come to the shark breeding that is on Pramuka Island. Guaranteed your perception of sharks will change 180 degrees! Besides that, you can also see hawksbill conservation activities. Hawksbill turtles are a type of turtle that is endangered so it must be preserved.

You can also uncover the history of the fort on Three Islands, namely Onrust, Cipir and Kelor. Here you can explore the remains of the fort. While in the ruins of this fortress you can enjoy the beauty of Pulau Seribu from a different perspective.

There are some activities that can be done when coming to this place. Guaranteed you will come home laughing with relief because you have felt a different and pleasant holiday experience.