There Is So Much Fun In New York !

There Is So Much Fun In New York !

When we are planning on going somewhere far and travel to the place that we do not know and never been there, Budget will be one of the most important aspect we will consider about.

So because of that if we can find an attraction that we can get by free when we are going to one place it will fell like heaven to all the traveler. So now we will talk about New York. New York is one of the biggest city that we can find in America. As we know their standard living in there is higher than any other city in this world, that will make us things that we need to spend a lot of money if we want to have a holiday in there. But do not worry guys, The Big Apple Also give us a lot of Attraction that we can enjoy for free guys ! Check it out below.

Central Park

Yes their Central Park already popular around the world. as we know that this park is located precisely in the middle heart of Manhattan city. This park was build on 1857 and become one of the iconic place in New York. You can visit this park and enjoy the attraction inside for free guys.

High Line Elevated Park

Another popular park that we can find in New York is High Line Elevated Park. But do not think that this is just like another  usual park, because this park is build on the abandoned railroad and it is make that place is one of the iconic place to get a picture.

Times Square

Who in this entire world do not know about Times Square. Yes this place is the most popular place in New york that all tourist around the world will come here when the visit New York. The City of light is the most appropriate word to describe this place because of the beautiful light that shown in this city.

Surely after reading this article all of you must thing to get New York as one of the place you want to visit before die right.