The Most Beautifull Garden In Japan

The Most Beautifull Garden In Japan

One of the parks that you must attend while on vacation in Japan is Taman Nara. The park has an area of ​​502 hectares and is located in Nara prefecture, near the foot of Mt. Wakakusa. This park was inaugurated in 1880 ago and became the most popular tourist destination in Japan.

Taman Nara also received the title of “Places of Scenic Beauty” which means beautiful scenery by MEXT, Japan. MEXT itself is the Japanese ministry of education, culture, sports, science and technology.

besides being able to enjoy the beauty of the garden which is very pampering to the eyes of every visitor, you can also see thousands of deer in this park. The deer are not locked in a cage or area but are left to walk freely. Sangking is free, sometimes like there are deer that take to the streets so that you will see traffic signs with deer pictures along the road.

Deer are animals that are considered sacred in Japan. Even Japan uses deer as a symbol of the city and national heritage. What makes these deer special is the bent attitude that is broken when we want to feed them. The attitude shown by the deer makes us feel valued and respected.

You can even find these deer in the shops in this park. Just imagine, how tame the deer are in this park. Even though they are very tame, you are forbidden to feed other than “shika senbei” huh! For those of you who want to feel the sensation of walking in a different park, you must visit Nara Garden in Japan.