The Beauty of Rome !

The Beauty of Rome !

As we know Rome is the capital city of Italy Country. This City is located in the peak of Tiber River, across the middle east. Inside the Rome, we can find Vatikan, which is enclave delegation area that are inside the Rome which is the central of catholic church in the world that been lead by Sri Paus. As the biggest city in Italy, Rome has almost 3.000.000 people inside the city .

This City is also known as one of the most historical city in the ancient. for almost 2800 years ago, this city is changing from the central of Romain Empire, Republic of Romain and become the country of Paus, Italy kingdom until know Italy Republic.

Because of that, this city also become one of the most popular city destination when traveler choose to having a trip to europe. Below the writer will give some advice about where to go when we are in Rome


One of the biggest ancient historical place that we can see in Rome is Colosseum. in the past this place is become the gladiator arena in where we can see the fight between animal (venetaiones), between the prisoner and animal, water fighting with floating the arena, and the most popular one is Gladiator fight. it has been predict that around thousand people and animal is die fighting in here. This place is build by Vespasian on that time.

Trevi Fountain


Trevi Fountain is a water fountain that located in Rione Trevi, Rome. There are a traditional legend that stated if the people that come into that water fountain and toss some coin inside the water, on that time they already make sure that in the future they will come back to this place again. Also there are a rumors say that if there are three coin that toss into the water by three different people can come out on three conclusion also which is the first one will having a relationship, the second one will get into married but for the third one will find a divorce on their life. so thinks again before you toss your coin inside.


This place is build on 27 before century as the temple in the Rome. But the construction finish when King Hadrian been crowned in 126 BC. This place is sacred place in where King Hadrian used it to pray to their God. Pantheon alone means Home of Gods in Yunani words.


With the official name State of Vatican City , this is the most smallest freedom country that we can find on our world now. Vatican is enclave that located in Rome, Italy. Now Vatican become the home for Paus and become the scared place also the authority place for Catholic Church.

The main symbol of Vatican should be St. Peter Basilica, a very large church that build with the old Renaissance style. In front of the Church we can find a big field name St. Peter Square that use by Paus when they are having a sacred event.

That are some of the most attractive place we can find in Rome. Interest to be there ?