Relaxing Beach At Malang, Asmoro Bay Beach

Relaxing Beach At Malang, Asmoro Bay Beach

Asmoro Bay Beach is a beach that was just inaugurated in April 2017. Although still relatively new, the beauty of this beach is not inferior compared to other southern beaches. Asmoro Bay Beach is located in Tambakreji Village, Sumbermanjing Wetan District, Malang.

This beach is called Asmoro or Asmara Beach because of its heart-like shape. This beach is surrounded by magnificent limestone hills so that its beauty can make anyone who comes in love.

Almost all tourists who come to Asmoro Beach are satisfied. There is no slightest disappointment when visiting this beach. The clean stretch of white sand and towering limestone cliffs is indeed very fascinating.

Besides being beautiful, Asmoro Beach is also called a calming beach. Because the waves on the beach are relatively sloping so the sound of the waves in the afternoon and the gurgling of leaves blown by the breeze makes the feeling become very peaceful.

The most beautiful time is when the sun sets. We can see the reddish orange sun silhouette that slowly disappears into the beauty and silence of the beach.

For those of you who want to “escape” from the hectic urban hustle and bustle, Asmoro Beach can be the right destination to eliminate all fatigue. Guaranteed upon returning from this beach the mind will be more fresh and you will get new energy to continue activities in the city.