Toy Lovers ? You Should Come To Batcat Museum In Bangkok

Toy Lovers ? You Should Come To Batcat Museum In Bangkok

Usually museum contain a old and historical item inside the museum. But how about if a museum contain a 50.000 toys inside ? So if you’re a toys lover, you must come to Batcat Museum in Bangkok.

When you visit this museum, you can see the collection of toys from around the world. There is more than 50.000 item in this museum. Not only toys, there is a dolls, figure and many more. Not only that, you also can found a hundred of characters when visiting this museum. It’s cool right ?

“30% toys in this museum is a gift form people around the world and 70% of the toys is bought from E-Bay. Japanese toys collector also give their toys to be displayed in this museum. We are very thanksfull for the donatur, without them, maybe this museum will not be like this,” said Somcay as the owner of Batcat Museum.

Somcay said that he want to increasing his collection till 100.000 toys. Somcay predicted his target will be achieved in 2032. After he reach the target, he will action his toys to public.

In this museum, you can find a PVC, mask, doll, statue, die cast and many more. You will never get bored when visiting this museum. Somcay build this museum in last 2012. He got inspiration from Christopher Nolan from Batman Begins in 2005.