Lets Go Pikachu Cafe- Japan

Lets Go Pikachu Cafe- Japan

How does it feel to eat Pikachu-shaped foods and other adorable Pokemon? For those of you who like the Pokemon series, there is one cafe in Japan that you must visit, the name is Let’s Go Pikachu Cafe.

This Pokemon-themed cafe is located at Parco Department Store, Ikebukuro, Tokyo. Here you will feel like you are in the Pokemon world! How not, all the knick-knacks that are in this cafe, from decorations, food, to drinks all themed Pokemon, sounds fun right?

When visiting this cafe, visitors will get a funny Pokeball shaped menu book, in which you can see a variety of interesting menus that can be ordered, one of which is Pikachu Doria and Eeeve Doria, which is steamed rice and added with delicious cheese sauce! The cheese sauce is shaped like a Pokeball and decorates the entire surface of the plate.

You can also taste Dragonite Ramen, noodles with savory broth with toping shrimp dumpling on top of it! Interestingly, you can choose TM (a skill that can be learned in Pokemon games). There are several TM variants selected, of course it tastes very good and blends perfectly with your Dragonite Ramen sauce.

Want a tasty but funny and cute desert? Just order the Eevee Pudding and Pikachu Pudding, both of which are served using a round glass with the shape of a Pikachu and Eevee head on the top which of course can be eaten, wow!

As a memento, when you want to leave this cafe, you can bring home a replica map that you can find in the Pokedex when playing Pokemon games. So, don’t forget to stop by here, friend, while on vacation in Japan, happy holiday.