The Best Roller Coaster In Fujiyama Japan

The Best Roller Coaster In Fujiyama Japan

If you visit Japan, besides being able to visit Disneyland, you can also come to Fuji Q Highland. This place is a playground located at the foot of Mt. Fuji. There are various vehicles that can boost your adrenaline. Let’s take a look at the most famous roller coaster rides in this one theme park.

The first roller coaster named Fujiyama. This roller coaster is the first roller coaster built at Fuji Q Highland. This roller coaster has a height of 79 meters and can go up to 130 km / hour. The name Fujiyama itself was taken from the name of Mount Fuji and became the tenth highest roller coaster in the world.

The second roller coaster is named Eejanaika. This one roller coaster is a 4D roller coaster which can rotate in all directions. In contrast to a roller coaster in general, for seats that are on Eejanaika facing backward while the roller coaster moves in the opposite direction to the direction of the seat.

The third roller coaster named Dodonpa. This roller coaster was the fastest roller coaster in 2001. Dodonpa roller coasters can go up to 180 km / hour. To ride this roller coaster, you must be prepared to be surprised by the speed of this vehicle. To reach 0 – 180, this roller coaster only takes 1.56 seconds.

The fourth roller coaster named Takabisha. This roller coaster is the steepest roller coaster in the world with a tilt angle reaching 121 degrees with a speed of 100km / hour. Amazing isn’t it? Is there some vehicle that can trigger the adrenaline at Fuji Q Highland, interested in coming?