Wild Life Sanctuary In Australia

There is one place in Australia in where you can get to know any kind of  species fauna that only you can find out in Australia which is Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. And for you information that only in here you can get a selfie with a kangaroo ! You can find this place at 28 Tomewin street, Currumbin , Australia.

In here you will not feel like you are in a zoo because this place will give you a feel that you are in your house watching on your beloved animal, Because of that they prefer to uses the words ‘ sanctuary ‘ rather than a zoo. This place was build in 1947 by Alex Griffiths, with the mission build a place in where all the animal can feel safe and can get a good care from human, Also in here you will find a hospital especially only for animal.

So with that kind of treatment, they will help the wild animal that are founding hurt around their area, which is Gold Coast , and after the wild animal well they will send them back to their nature again.

But do not worry , the tourist that come here will always can see all the animal that this sanctuary have and yes is all an Australian species animal.

With the price of AUD 49.95 for adults and AUD 35.95 for kids you can get the ticket to go inside this sanctuary. in the front door you will find a shop that sell souvenir and a cafe that you can get a snack for free. Now let gets start to the main topic which is the center of Currumbin.

In Currumbin you can take a picture with some animal that you love such as Koala and Kangaroo. You can not find such things in any other Australia zoo. And then they will be a cage that a far away that you need to take a mini train to reach there. In there you will find another only Australia species animal such as Tasmanian Devil, Dingo dog, Kasuari bird, crocodile, pelikan bird, lorikeet bird, wombat , emu bird and many others.