Unique And Exotic Wuhua Hai Lake In China

Unique And Exotic Wuhua Hai Lake In China

One area that must be visited while on vacation in China is Aba, Sichuan. Here there is one lake that is very beautiful and also unique. The lake is called Wuhua Hai Lake. The name of the lake means five flowers. Wuhua Hai Lake has entered the world heritage by UNESCO.

Wuhua Hai Lake entered the Jiuzhaigou National Park area. Here there are also several fountains that are no less beautiful. But the most interesting part of this National Park is Wuhua Hai Lake where the water in the lake never freezes even in winter.

The water in Wuhua Hai Lake is also very clear, the clear ring, we can see some coral reefs and animals that live on the lake.

Interestingly, the water in this lake can change color following the season, sometimes yellow, sometimes emerald green, dark jade, sapphire blue to sky blue.

Unlike other lakes which will experience a decrease or increase in the volume of water during summer and winter, this lake actually has a stable volume of water, both in winter and summer.

As already stated above, even though it is entering winter, the water that is in Wuhua Hai Lake will not freeze! This is due to the presence of hot springs that flow into the lake so that the existing water will not freeze like other lakes.

This lake is also considered sacred by the surrounding community. For visitors who want to see the beauty of this lake, the manager has provided a shuttle bus that can take visitors to get around every day.