The Beauty of Dewata Island

The Beauty of Dewata Island

Maybe for the traveler around the world they will be more familiar with the words “Bali” prefer than Indonesia. Bali is one of the small island that located on Indonesia Country, and Indonesia is of the country that located in the South East Asia. But what makes Bali so special in the eye of the world is the beauty of that island.

From their nature until their culture, anything of Bali will always been a pleasure to enjoy when you are choosing to having a holiday in there. All the traveler that have been in here, will tell the Balinese that they are more than excited to ever been here and hoping that they can come here again as soon as possible.

Because of that it is not so confusing that why all the traveler around the world are choosing to having a holiday in here. They who come from around the world say that they come because of so many reason from seeing the beauty of Bali mountain, their beach, also the beauty of Indonesia girl also.

Here is some of the place the traveler must visit when they come to Bali

Tanah Lot

Tanah lot located in the middle of the ocean as we can see in the picture. Here is one of the best place for us if the traveler is catching with the sunset view.

Sanur beach


If we are talking about seeing a sunrise in this island, Sanur beach is your first choice. the best time to enjoy the sunrise in this place is at 5.30 in the morning. Also in here the tourist can find a lot of water activites that they can enjoy.

Jimbaran Beach

Bali is not only about their beach, But that is a lot that we can find on Bali beach. If we are looking to having a special dinner with the ocean view, we can go to Jimbaran beach to provide best meals for us to be consume. Also around the beach we can easily find so many hotel with from the cheaper one until the five star one, depend on our budget.

That is a lot of things to talk about Bali, i hope that i can share it with you guys on the other article.