Why Should You Go Travelling?


If you’re British, then you probably use the word ‘travelling’ for ‘journey.’ But if you’re American or British, you might use ‘traveling.’ Both words mean the same thing, but they do sound different. Regardless of where you’re from, the process of travelling can help you understand yourself and your own values better. It also allows you to learn about yourself and other people better. Here are a few reasons why you should go travelling and why it will change you.

Travelling is preferred spelling in British English

The difference between the spellings of travel and traveling is only a dialectical one. British English, for example, favors the double-l spelling. If you’re writing in British English, however, you’ll probably want to stick with the double-l spelling. The difference between the two is so slight that you might not even realize that the words are spelled differently. This is particularly true if your audience is British.

It’s a journey

It’s a journey is an evocative term for an impending life change. It is the surreal dream of becoming who you want to be and celebrating that. Life has many paths, but sometimes it is more fulfilling to be on a journey than to arrive at your destination. A journey is a gesture inscribed in space that vanishes as soon as it begins. The journey is the most valuable thing that you can experience in this world.

It helps you understand yourself

It is said that traveling changes you. This is because you are exposed to a new set of people, culture, and values. You begin to question your own values and perspectives. Your upbringing, education, and social environment shape the way you see the world, and travel offers a different perspective on life. Travel allows you to develop your curiosity and patience, and it helps you understand yourself better. Travel can also help you develop your life goals and values.

It makes you more tolerant

Another virtue acquired while travelling is tolerance. Travelling allows you to appreciate the diversity of different cultures and people and to develop a better tolerance for yourself and others. As a result, you may become more tolerant towards others – whether they are your family, friends, or even your co-workers. Listed below are the benefits of travel and why it improves your tolerance:

It makes you more open to new cultures

A study in Israel found that people who travel are more open-minded than those who have never traveled outside of their country. This was due to the fact that travel broadens one’s perspective and increases tolerance towards other people and cultures. Travel also improves problem-solving skills, as people who are open-minded are better at solving problems that are incongruous with their own culture. Therefore, the benefits of travelling are many.