Amazing Lovina Beach In Bali

Do you already know the beautiful beaches in North Bali? If not, the name of the beach is Lovina Beach. It is located in Kalibukbuk, about 10 km west of Singaraja City. Unlike the beaches in Bali which in fact have big waves, Lovina Beach actually offers a different sensation, namely a calm beach so it is very suitable for tourists who want to unwind and seek tranquility.

On Lovina Beach tourists can see quite interesting attractions, namely the attraction of wild dolphins. It should be noted, the dolphins here are not allowed to be captured or killed because they have been protected by the local government. To be able to see the attractions of dolphins here, visitors only need to spend 60,000 rupiah per person. The best time to see this attraction is 6 – 9 am.

Because the time is right, you can also capture the moment of the sunrise. Prepare your camera to capture the beach landscape with yellowish orange that is so charming!

For those of you who are happy with snorkeling activities, you can also do it when visiting Lovina Beach. Here there are some beautiful spots with underwater panorama that are so mesmerizing! For snorkeling, you need to rent snorkeling equipment for 60,000, quite cheap right?

Have a hobby of fishing? COULD, please! Just have to rent a boat (1 boat can load 4-5 people) for 100,000, you can already fish in the middle of a beautiful sea, but don’t forget to bring fishing equipment.

Actually there are still so many activities that can be done such as visiting Banjar Hot Water, seeing the splendor of the Brahmavihara Arama Temple, and so on. Interested in coming to this place?