Shopping Destinations in Hong Kong You Must Visit

There are many reasons that underlie someone to travel, for example, to enjoy the beauty of nature, seek calm, see the culture of neighboring countries, and so forth. But one thing that cannot be separated from entertainment is shopping, right? For those of you who plan to go to Hong Kong for a vacation while having a hobby of shopping, try visiting the following cool places.

1. Citygate Outlets

If you ask about the most famous shopping places in Hong Kong, maybe the answer is Citygate Outlets. This place was built in 1995 – 1999 and was officially opened to the public in April 2000 ago. If you are here, don’t be surprised by clothes at exorbitant prices, because there are lots of clothes that are directly designed by famous designers!

2. Island Beverly Center

As with the first place, Island Beverly Center is also very famous in Hong Kong. This place consists of four floors and becomes a paradise for fashion lovers. There are many models that can be found here, ranging from Japanese, Korean to world-style dress. The price is also very affordable.

3. Argyle Center

For this one it is very suitable for those who have minimal budget, because the price of goods sold at Argyle Center is cheap, if likened it might be similar to Mangga Dua in Jakarta or Platinum Mall in Bangkok.

4.Langham Place

One of the biggest shopping centers in Hong Kong is Langham Palace. Here visitors can find hundreds of products sold, ranging from fashion, electronics, cosmetics, food, beverages to other entertainment. Even visitors can see the longest escalator in Hong Kong. Uniquely, there is a statue called Happy Man which weighs 2,700 kg!