“Mini” Santorini In Thailand, Santorini Park !

"Mini" Santorini In Thailand, Santorini Park !

Do you have the desire to vacation in Santorini in Greece? If so, then you don’t need to go all the way to Greece to enjoy the beauty of the city’s unique architecture, in Thailand there is one tourist spot that uses the same theme as the one in Santorini Greece, the name is Santorini Park.

Santorini Park is located in Cha-Am, Thailand. In this place you can enjoy Santorini’s “Mini” and also an exciting playground.

Existing buildings on Santorini Park are made as closely as possible with buildings in Greece. For those of you who are happy with photography, this place is a very suitable destination to vent your imagination in taking photos.

Want to feel the excitement when visiting Santorini Park, just try all kinds of rides that are here, starting from the Ferris wheel, skateboard, ghost house, ball pool, and many other rides that are no less exciting.

After being tired of playing, you can also fill your stomach in the restaurant here. There are many restaurants that sell food, both Thai specialties and western and Asian foods, including Indonesian food, also available here.

But keep in mind, because this place is close to the beach, do not forget to use sun block so that the skin is not sunburned. When night comes, you can enjoy a variety of delicious street food and shop for souvenirs from Thailand at the night market located not far from Santorini Park.