Gambling Motivations


Consumers’ motivation for gambling varies. Some are motivated by a dream of winning money, while others may gamble to escape their problems. This is particularly true of problem gamblers. Other consumers may be motivated by social interactions, such as social groups or friends. These individuals may also be socially isolated and use gambling as a means of escape. In either case, it is important to understand the psychological reasons for gambling and seek treatment for your problem.

Problem gamblers are influenced by social interactions

This study has demonstrated that problem gamblers are influenced by social interactions. Although some consumers gamble because they want to win money, others engage in it to avoid problems. Social interactions can affect the perception of incentives to gamble and the intention to gamble. The results also show that advertising campaigns can influence gambling behavior. However, more research is needed before these findings can be applied to real life. This study used 139 participants with different types of gambling problems, five-factor personality models, typologies, and sociodemographic variables to make its findings.

Social networks were analyzed to examine how gambling-related relationships affect egos. Problem gamblers tended to be more closely related to their alters, while non-gamblers had fewer. Furthermore, problem gamblers’ alters were more closely related to one another regardless of whether or not they gambled. Further, the density of social networks among problem gamblers’ alters was significantly higher than that of the non-gamblers’ alters.