Scary Travel Destination In Japan

Scary Travel Destination In Japan

Not only is it famous for its cool and beautiful tourism, Japan is also famous for a number of mystical tourist destinations that can make the hair goose bumps. Although scary, tourists who come every year continue to increase. Many tourists who claim to be curious about the atmosphere that exists in these scary places. What scary places are crowded with tourists in Japan?

The first place called Suzugamori. This place is a small triangular land located along Highway 15 near Omori Kaigan Station. In ancient times, this land was used as a place to execute prisoners of war. The way of execution is also quite extreme, namely by beheading the prisoners using a sword. The broken head will be plugged into the spear and then displayed here. The method of execution was still used until 1873 and finally stopped. According to the surrounding community, there is a mystical air that can be felt when being near the place. In the area a temple was also built to drive out spirits so as not to interfere with local residents.

The second place is Omori POW Camp. This place is also quite creepy. Omori POW Camp is located in Peace Island, Ota Ward. At the entrance to this place stands a statue of Kannon, the compassionate goddess who is in Shinto belief. When you visit this place, you can hear dark stories about this place in ancient times. Not a few visitors who claim to be “haunted” by the curious spirits that inhabit this place.

The last place is Aokigahara Forest. This one forest is quite famous among tourists. Even visitors can see clearly the bodies of victims hanging themselves or suicides that have dried up when visiting this forest. The visitors are not permitted to walk in this forest alone, even if visitors come alone, the officers there will accompany until the visitor reaches the exit. Pretty awful right?

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